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The Safest In All Of Triathlon

Pacific Sports traithlon events utilize our SwimStream™ start to ensure a fast, safe and efficient race start for all competiors.  Here's how SwimStream™ works: 
  • Participants self-determine their start of the swim portion of the triathlon.  Those with the fastest anticipated swim time will be encouraged to start in the earliest grouping or stream. For example, in the Olympic Distance, this would be below 22 minutes; for the Sprint it would be below 11 minutes. 
  • The swim chute will be very similar to other swim starts you've seen.   Swimmers should line up in their appropriate anticipated time.  Note, just like a running event, we will not force someone in a specific time/pace with SuperSprint race going first, Sprint second, and Olympic third.  Where you line up in each race  on the honor system, but we encourage faster swimmers up front (regardless of age or category) and if you swim with friends, family, or club members this is even better.  Whatever makes you comfortable.  We want swimmers to have maximum comfort and relaxation when entering the harbor.
  • Once a stream enters the start chute, swimmers will move toward the end of the chute, cross the timing mat and proceed directly into the water. Similar to a funnel. Your time starts when you cross the SwimStream timing mat. We will have streams of approximately 75 swimmers each (e.g., 75 swimmers in the under-22-minute Olympic swim stream).  We will run streams of swimmers until we get 300 participants in the water. At this point, athletes will be allowed into the water as earlier streams of swimmers finish and come up onto the marina to exit the swim via ladders.  If necessary, we allow assistance in exiting the water. Lifeguards and our swim coordinators will assist in controlling the flow of the swimmers (like turning off and on a spigot).
  • Once the SuperSprint distance race is in the water, we will have a approximately 10 minute gap and then start the Sprint under-11 minute swimmers, and so on until all the competitors have left the docks and enter the water. The Sprint will start once the SuperSprint swimmers exit the water, and the Olympic starts after the Sprint swimmers are past the turn buoys.