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Here are some of the accolades our staff and our races have received over the last few years:


"Pacific Sports President/CEO Jack Caress Named to Los Angeles Sports Council Board of Directors" - November 12, 2013

The Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles 

Our premier event, this race was started in 2000 and continues to receive honors and awards in the sport of triathlon. just rated the Los Angeles Triathlon as one of the Best Triathlons! The Los Angeles Triathlons is the "Best Race to Feel Like A Star". (9/8/11)

Cleveland Triathlon

The Cleveland Triathlon is widely recognized as one of the most decorated races in triathlon. The event has had the following designations (Previous years as the National City Triathlon, the Rock & Roll Triathlon, the Metropolitan Bank Triathlon and the Sky Bank Triathlon)

  • Inside Triathlon, 2006, "America’s Best 100 Races"
  • 1999 - United States Youth Championship
  • 1998 - Triathlon of Champions
  • 1997 - Triathlon of Champions
  • 1996 - Triathlon World Championship
  • 1995 - World Cup series event
  • United States Youth Championship
  • 1994 - World Cup series event
  • Pan American Games Qualifier
  • United States Professional Championship
  • United States Youth Championship
  • International Triathlon Pro Tour series event
  • 1993 - United States Professional Championship
  • 1992 - United States Age Group Championship
  • 1991 - United States Professional Championship
  • 1990 - United States Professional Championship

Catalina Marathon

Our premier trail running event, this race has become a cult favorite with many participants having completed all 32 of the events.

  • Bakersfield Life January 2011 "Explore Catalina this Month"..."If you're thinking about going to Catalina, I have two words for you:..." Read More
  • Jakes Blogspot 2010 of the Catalina Marathon: Click here to read
  • E Catalina posts: "New course record set in 33rd annual Catalina Marathon" Read on...
  • LA Sports & Fitness, March 2007. "Catalina Country. "Magnetic Island Marathon Turns 30"
  • USA Today picks the Catalina Marathon as one of the 10 best winter marathons. Read on....
  • Runner's World picked the Catalina Marathon the "Best Off-Road Marathon" Read on....
  • Competitor Magazine, Bob Babbitt, “The race is held on the, most pristine island in the world and is almost entirely off-road. Wild buffalo, wild boar, panoramic, ocean views, point-to-point… this puppy has everything it takes to make an event memorable.”
  • OC Metro April 28, 2005, “The Catalina Marathon is one of the toughest and most scenic marathon’s in the world, it is one of the islands signature events-and embraces the islands buffalo ties”
  • Competitor Magazine 2005 Marathon Guide, “ The Toughest Marathon” picked the Catalina Marathon as one of the best races in the country.
  • Runner’s World, January 2004, “ The best cult race in the United States”
  • Competitor Magazine, January 2004, “Toughest Sea-Level Marathon”
  • American Trail Championship, 2004 - 2011

Buffalo Run Half Marathon

  • Bakersfield Life January 2011 "Explore Catalina this Month"..."If you're thinking about going to Catalina, I have two words for you:..." Read More
  • Running Network 2010 "Buffalo Run Half Marathon Draws Rabid Trail Runners" Read on...
  • Los Angeles Sports and Fitness Magazine November/December 2006 “The Best Places to Run a Half Marathon”
  • American Trail Championship, 2004 - 2011

Santa Catalina Triathlon

  • 2010 Triathlon Competitor "Top 10 Most Scenic Races"
  • Inside Triathlon, February. 2006, “The Best Race Ever”, Kyle Duford
  • Inside Triathlon 2005, “Late Fall’s Best Race”
  • Inside Triathlon Triguide, 2005, “122 Must do Races”
  • Inside Triathlon Triguide, “2003 Destination Race”
  • 1997 USA Triathlon National Sprint Championship

Long Beach Triathlon

  • Inside Triathlon, 2006, America’s Best 100 Races

Kring & Chung Newport Beach Triathlon

  • “The OC’s original triathlon!”
  • The longest running triathlon in the United States. (1978-2005)
  • Two Time United States Sprint Championship (1996 and 1998)
  • Orange County Performing Arts Triathlon
  • 1996 USA Triathlon Race of the Year
  • U.S. National Championship, Olympic Distance

Pacific Sports LLC

  • Jack Caress, Race Director of the Year - 1996