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Pacific Sports LLC is a premier sports consultation firm, specializing in event production, management, and corporate sports marketing development. Having produced over 300 sport events in the United States, including the 1996 Triathlon World Championships and 12 U.S. Championships, Pacific Sports LLC is dedicated to the creation, development and management of participant and endurance sports including those of running, swimming, and cycling. Pacific Sports was a co-founder of the LifeTime Fitness Series comprising the major championships at the Olympic Distance in the United States. The firm produces events around the country including some of the longest running events in the world, the Cleveland Triathlon (31 years) and the Newport Beach Triathlon (39 years).  Pacific Sports is a Delaware based Limited Liability Company with offices in Anaheim, California. The firm was founded in 1983.

Pacific Sports owns and operates the following properties (not including our management and consulting projects):

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